Your Social Media Cheat Sheet

Are you unsure which social media site to use for your real estate business?  There are a confusing number of choices and trying to use several at once can be overwhelming.

Here is a cheat sheet you can reference to select and use the social media site (or sites) that would work best for you.


Primary Users: Men & Women 18-64

Strategy: Use your personal page to stay in touch with your sphere of influence.  A mix of business and personal messages works best.  Video gets priority on Facebook, so including footage of listings or of yourself sharing real estate information will get you in front of more of your contacts.

Notes:  If you use only one social media site, make it Facebook.  More people use it than any other site, so it’s likely most of your contacts will use it on a regular basis.


Primary Users: Men & Women 30-49 who are college graduates and have relatively high household income

Strategy: Build a strong profile that includes recommendations, endorsements, certifications, awards, and a summary of your expertise and experience.  Connect with your current sphere and add people as you meet them at networking events or around town.  Post market reports, local information, and real estate related articles.

Notes: LinkedIn is a great place to show off your expertise and experience because you can publish content.  Potential clients often use the site to learn more about you, and that’s why a strong profile is a must.


Primary Users: Men & Women 18-49

Strategy: Promote your username on all your marketing materials.  Ask your sphere to follow you.  Then, tweet often.  You can share links to articles and videos you find, write, or record.  You can also tweet about new listings, open houses, and local events.

Notes: Twitter can be a great way to drive people to your listings, website, and blog.  It’s also a good way to reach younger buyers and sellers.  Because you must tweet often, Twitter is often best for agents with assistants or teams who can manage the profile.


Primary Users: Women 18-49

Strategy: Pinterest is best used to stay in touch with the women in your sphere (only 16% of men use the site).  Mix business and personal pins for the best results.

Notes: Pinterest is popular among stay-at-home moms.  If you work a lot with that demographic, Pinterest can be an excellent resource.


Primary Users: Real estate agents and those serving the real estate industry

Strategy: ActiveRain is useful for two purposes – generating referrals from agents and publishing blogs to attract buyers and sellers.  Publish regular blogs about your market and be sure to network with other agents who use the site.

Notes: Active users of the site swear by it.  If you enjoy writing or recording videos about your market, ActiveRain can be a great way to connect with people who don’t already know you.

P.S. – Facebook business pages are losing their reach as more companies advertise on the platform.  Recent research shows posts on business pages reach less than 5% of the people who like the page.  Unless you plan on spending money to advertise your business page, stick with using your personal page.

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