Hot Prospects Gone Cold? Tips to Get Them To Respond…!

When was the last time hot prospects suddenly went cold on you?  They were responsive, seemed ready to go, and then out of the blue, you stopped hearing from them.

It’s a frustrating situation.  Did you do or say something wrong?  Were they snatched up by another agent?  Or, did something come up and they’re no longer in the market?

The next time hot prospects go cold, try the following four tactics to get them to respond.


Most agents communicate by phone and email.  Getting cold buyers and sellers to respond can often be as simple as changing up the method of communication.

Instead of calling, try texting.  Instead of email, send them a message through social media.  If all else fails, mail them a letter (yes, it works).


People get busy.  If you want them to respond, it helps to catch them at the right moment.

Emails sent first thing in the morning or after 8:00 at night get the best response rates.  Phone calls are most effective between 8:00 and 9:00 am and between 5:00 and 6:00 pm.  If you’ve reached out on weekdays, try Saturday or Sunday.


Reaching out to cold prospects once, twice, or even three times isn’t enough.  Extensive research has shown you must make at least six attempts at contact before giving up.

Don’t worry about being annoying or feeling pushy.  Most people don’t intend to ignore you.  They just get busy or have something come up and will appreciate your persistence.


Sending a breakup message is the last resort.  Yet, it’s often the most effective way to get cold prospects to respond.

A breakup message is an email, text, and/or call that tells prospects you won’t try to reach them anymore.  Here is one example you can use:

“Hi Jim…It’s been two weeks since we last spoke.  I’m reaching out one final time to see if you are still interested in selling your home.  If not, I wish you the best and feel free to contact me if your needs change.”

If you send that as an email, use the subject line “My Final Email.”  You’ll be surprised how many people get back to you and apologize for being unresponsive.

P.S. – When prospects first reach out to you, make sure you get as much contact information for them as possible.  Ask them their preferred method(s) of contact and the best days and times to reach them.

It’s much harder to get a cold prospect to respond if you only have a phone number or email.

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